Site Principles

Written by Bill.Bergmann

March 17, 2022

I have a few principles that guide this site:

No Content Paywall

I believe in the free flow of ideas.  This site is about all of us getting better, and expecting up-front payment for that is counterintuitive. I monetize through donations, merch, and coaching/consulting.  I will not harass you to turn off ad-blocking, either.


I will disclose my precise relationship with any product or company I discuss, review, or promote in any way.  Further, I will disclose any partner links that provides me a commission.

Curated Advertisment

I will never run an advertisement for a product that I don’t personally endorse.  I will never run tracking on you.  I will not run ‘platform’ ads- any ad you see on this site has been selected and  the code and art is running on my server.

Morals and Ethics

If any business relationship suggests or participates in activities counter to my morals or ethics, I will sever the relationship, and I will disclose it publicly on this site.


I will listen to / read all constructive feedback, and I will credit anyone whose feedback prompts a content change.

Corrections and Transparency

I will issue timely corrections and retractions as needed.  I will also preserve a visible record of the original content in the name of transparency.[This applies to content changes- not punctuation/spelling.]


Only showing the highlights is low-key toxic.  I will freely disclose and discuss my failings as a coach, employee, friend, father, husband, and human.  I want you to allow yourself some grace and forgiveness on your journey.  Further, we can’t make amends or learn from mistakes we don’t acknowledge.

Comment Moderation

On this site or any platform that allows me the control, I will ruthlessly moderate any personal attacks, threats of violence, attacks on peoples’ civil rights/dignity, or general trolling/griefing.  There is no three-strikes rule, there is no hard-and-fast rules, and this is not a democracy.  I expect civility and constructive discourse as the bare minimum.  There will absolutely be controversial topics from time to time, and I will never start with a closed comment section.  In the event that anyone’s actions require that we create or add a set of moderation guidelines, each rule will be named after the offender that prompted it, and they will receive every sort of ban I can wield.


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